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About MIM
About MIM

Merrion Investment Managers has always focused on the markets rather than the consensus or the competition. This has helped us to capture the sectoral themes that drive investment returns and enabled us to perform consistently in changing environments.

Most investment managers currently operating in Ireland set their investment objectives around the consensus or competitor average. This is logical for retail investment managers that wish to provide their sales staff with a competitive advantage but it may not always be in the best interests of the underlying investors.

The way that we structure our business organisation is also different. Many investment firms employ large teams of in-house analysts and researchers in the belief that extensive proprietary research confers an information advantage that in turn leads to improved performance.

Our view is that this may have been true in the past. However, today we live in an information age. High quality research and analysis is freely available to all investors. Successful investment is now far more a function of effective decision-making than availability of information.

Consequently, we operate a small closely-knit investment team where individuals enjoy a high level of autonomy. We believe that this promotes efficient decision-making and a high level of accountability.

Finally, the ownership of our business is different. Merrion Investment Managers is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Merrion Capital Group. All of our employees are given a direct stake in the ownership of our company.

The interests of our company, its owners, the management,employees and our clients are transparent and completely aligned.” David Conlon, CEO

Merrion Capital Investment Managers Limited (trading as Merrion Investment Managers) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland