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Investment Approach

The consistency and extent of Merrion Investment Managers outperformance is the result of a distinct process that is not dependent on a particular investment style or market environment.

Our investment objective is simple. We aim to maximise returns when markets are rising and minimise the down-side when markets are falling.

In order to do this, firstly we determine the appropriate bond/equity split taking account of the mandate and the level of risk in the market.

The second stage of our process is to construct the equity component of the portfolio around the sectoral structure of the global market. We are not trying to passively mirror the structure of the world market but where our weighting differs, this is an active investment decision.

"When constructing portfolios, we focus on the sectoral composition of the global market rather than the geographic exposure of our competitors. This enables us to capture the themes that drive returns while avoiding unintended risks and biases."