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When it comes to investing, there is no way to predict whether the stock market will rise or fall this year, the magnitude of the next big move in interest rates, or how geopolitical events will resolve themselves.

But, based on the knowledge we’ve built over years of investing experience and capital-market research, there are some things we do know. And at a time when everyone seems to be asking the question “What do I do now?” we thought it would be useful to share some of these insights - as they relate to both overall investing strategies and client-specific tactics.

We, at Merrion Investment Managers, believe in helping our investors make an 'informed' choice. Although we provide extensive financial information to all our clients, we want them to have easy access to an investment knowledge centre that will help their decision process.

We have tried to incorporate investment themes that are important from the investor's point of view. However, if you need further clarification, kindly email us at: info@merrion-investments.ie