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Merrion Investment Trust :
MET Managed FundEUR 15.512809/07/2020*
MET Global Equity FundEUR 9.695009/07/2020*
MET Technology FundEUR 34.400509/07/2020*
MET Technology Fund Series IIEUR 2.892109/07/2020*
MET European Equity FundEUR 3.245709/07/2020*
MET Cash FundEUR 1.170009/07/2020*
MET Ethical FundEUR 2.312109/07/2020*
MET Fixed Interest FundEUR 3.238509/07/2020*
MET Long Bond FundEUR 2.790609/07/2020*
MET High Alpha Exempt FundEUR 186.613409/07/2020*
MET Irish Equity FundEUR 2.499209/07/2020*
Merrion Capital Trust Funds :
Active FundEUR 163.580018/11/2016*
High YieldEUR 89.610025/11/2016*
Merrion High Alpha Funds :
Merrion High Alpha FundEUR 286.540030/06/2020*

WARNING: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of your investment may go down as well as up.