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Merrion Investment Trust :07/04/202007/04/2020
MET Managed FundEUR 12.4286*EUR 12.4286*0.00%
MET Global Equity FundEUR 7.5126*EUR 7.5126*0.00%
MET Technology FundEUR 14.5994*EUR 14.5994*0.00%
MET Technology Fund Series IIEUR 2.0459*EUR 2.0459*0.00%
MET European Equity FundEUR 2.6417*EUR 2.6417*0.00%
MET Cash FundEUR 1.1624*EUR 1.1624*0.00%
MET Ethical FundEUR 1.9108*EUR 1.9108*0.00%
MET Fixed Interest FundEUR 3.1238*EUR 3.1238*0.00%
MET Long Bond FundEUR 2.6630*EUR 2.6630*0.00%
MET High Alpha Exempt FundEUR 149.9155*EUR 149.9155*0.00%
MET Irish Equity FundEUR 1.9682*EUR 1.9682*0.00%
Merrion Capital Trust Funds :
Active FundEUR 163.5800*EUR 163.5800*0.00%
High YieldEUR 89.6100*EUR 89.6100*0.00%
Merrion High Alpha Funds :
Merrion High Alpha FundEUR 218.4856*EUR 218.4856*0.00%

WARNING: Quoted performance reflects the change in the unit price. As these investments are stock market based investments, the return is variable and the value of your investment is not guaranteed. Investments may fall as well as rise. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.